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Our training is right for you!

Our professional development is approachable for computer science teachers of all levels of experience. It is accessible and well-structured to support new or inexperienced CS teachers while including innovative and creative lessons and activities that more experienced teachers can bring to their classroom.

We know that professional development is critical to the usefulness of any resource, no matter how well designed resources may be. We strive to provide effective and enjoyable PD that will make you excited to offer our materials.​

Our workshops and resources have been built upon years of experience teaching computer science as part of regular provincial curricula, AP, IB and working with teachers from elementary to post-secondary.


Like much of life, our workshops are impacted by the pandemic. Our workshops have shifted to online delivery. You may still sign-up below.

Spring 2020

These workshops provide a quick introduction and hands-on experiences for new teachers regardless of their background.​

  • 1-day workshops

    • Online - Late May, date TBA

    • email for more information about  these events.

Summer 2020

​Join us for an in-depth preparation to use our resources based on the 2020 revisions of the CSP curriculum!

  • 2-day, paced online workshop

    • Online, July 6 - 7

    • Online follow-up, dates TBA

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