Professional Development & Workshops

Our training is right for you!

Our professional development is approachable for computer science teachers of all levels of experience. It is accessible and well-structured to support new or inexperienced CS teachers while including innovative and creative lessons and activities that more experienced teachers can bring to their classroom.

We know that professional development is critical to the usefulness of any resource, no matter how well designed resources may be. We strive to provide effective and enjoyable PD that will make you excited to offer our materials.​

Our workshops and resources have been built upon years of experience teaching computer science as part of regular provincial curricula, AP, IB and working with teachers from elementary to post-secondary.

Programming Bootcamp NEW!

Learn at your own pace! This is a video series teaching programming in the P5.js environment.  P5 is very similar to the Processing language used in our resource package but with some big advantages.

You can view the video series here.    

Summer 2022

Thank you to all those who attended our summer workshops. Below you can find the descriptions. Check back for our offerings for Fall 2022 as well as 2023.

Our workshops are practical, engaging and fun. We look forward to helping you develop a plan to teach computer science in your classroom while we walk you through our resources that include lesson plans, activities & student examples.  Email for more information about these event.

Scholarships are available for these sessions. Email for information.

  • July 4 & 5 - Intro to CSP for Beginners

    Are you a teacher looking to teach computer science but are new to it yourself? Is computer science not available at your school or available but with limited student diversity? Then our CodeTrain PD sessions and lesson packages are for you.  Session 1 is designed for teachers with little to no experience teaching Computer Science. This session is focused on the AP Computer Science Principles curriculum, but is flexible enough to be applied to any CS class.

    For those without any coding experience, we will include an introduction to the Javascript programming language and access to a series of learning videos designed just for teachers.  Then we will tour you through our complete teaching package of tools, activities and lessons that engage your students' imaginations, promote creativity and inspire them to change the world.

    Our July 6 & 7 workshop is a great follow-on once you have the background from this workshop


  • July 6 & 7 - Teaching CSP Curriculum with CodeTrain

    Are your Computer Science courses the most fun part of your student's day?  Do you engage their creativity and challenge their minds at the same time?  CodeTrain Session 2 is designed for teachers with significant coding knowledge and/or have already taught Computer Science courses but are interested in alternative pedagogies.  Come join us to learn about our package of tools, activities and lessons to help you grow a diverse and engaging Computer Science program at your school.

    Using the P5.js library for Javascript, our lessons can be used for stand-alone courses and/or as part of a larger High School Computer Science program.  Built for Canadian Teachers by Canadian Teachers, these lessons allow for the flexibility to meet your local Provincial requirements and lead your students to successfully complete the Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles course and beyond.  Time will also be given to the logistics of running an Advanced Placement CSP course