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Our resources are primarily designed for a 2-year program but can be adapted for a 1-year program or expanded for a 3-year computer science programs and can be used for students taking AP or IB computer science. Our resources are endorsed by the College Board for teaching Computer Science Principles

The first year could be considered an entire introductory course. Year 2 adds more complex theory and coding concepts and also provides materials to prepare Advanced Placement students for the AP CS Principles exam. The third year can be used for advanced programming concepts and/or prepare Advanced Placement students for the AP CS A exam. IB Schools can also structure their programs along similar timelines.

The lesson plans used are designed for a course consisting of approximately 80 minute classes totaling about 125 hours of instruction. Generally this results in about 80 class periods which are either a half year every day or a full year every second day. Our lesson plan package includes 75 class periods worth of material.

Year 1

Recommended Units Include:

Programming 1 & 2 - Basic Programming in Processing

Theory - History, Technology and Trends

Student Project

Optional Units - Web design, Robotics, Game Design & others

Year 2

Recommended Units Include:

Programming 3 - Focus on functions including an introduction to Java.

Programming 4 - Focus on a data structure such as Arrays



Project of Choice

AP CS Principles exam prep and other tasks or a teacher Option

Year 3

Recommended Units Include:

Programming 5 - Focusing on introduction to a new Language


Programming 6 - Focus on algorithms



Programming 7 - Advanced Java Concepts

Option for CSA Exam Prep

CodeTrain Resource Package

What's included:

  • All units, projects and optional topics mentioned above plus others

  • 2 Years worth of Lesson Plans including Teaching Examples 

  • Student activities and assessments

If you attend our PD sessions, you will also receive:

  • Detailed explanations and walk-throughs

  • 'Teaching Examples' code to accompany the lesson plans

  • Student Exemplars of all assessments

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