CodeTrain Teaching Resources

We have resources for both 1-year and 2-year computer science programs. Our resources  can be used for students taking AP or IB computer science or provincial CS curriculum. Our resources are endorsed by the College Board for teaching Computer Science Principles

Our resources are best complemented with professional development via our workshops, but you are welcome to use them in any way you like.

What's included:

  • All units, projects and optional topics mentioned above plus others

  • Lesson Plans including Teaching Examples 

  • Student activities and assessments

If you attend our workshops, you will also receive:

  • Detailed explanations and walk-throughs

  • 'Teaching Examples' code to accompany the lesson plans

  • Student Exemplars of all assessments

CodeTrain Resource Packages

1-year program

New for 2021 is our one-year Computer Science program that uses P5.js and Javascript!

The lesson plans and all companion resources are linked through one document. Plus our Programming Bootcamp for Teachers is a great YouTube video series introducing you to P5.js and how we use it in our lessons.

You can access our 1-year resources using P5.js & Javascript here

2-year program

Our Two-Year Computer Science program uses Processing and Java. These lessons cover a 2 year Computer Science Program but are designed with optional units that can be removed to help teachers build a 1 year program.  


As an Advanced Placement Endorsed Provider, Codetrain’s lessons cover the entire AP CS Principles course, but over 2 years.  They are also designed to lead into a 3rd year that could be used to cover the AP CSA course.  Year 3 is not available here at this time.

You can access our 2-year resources using Processing & Java here